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Catholic Prayers
Beginning With Letter "M"


Magnificat (Original)

Majestic Queen Of Heaven

Maria, Given Us By God... (Family Prayer To Maria Bambina)

Marine's Prayer

Marriage Blessing

Married Couple's Prayer To The Sacred Heart

Mary As A Patron Of A Community

Mary As A Personal Patron

Mary, Help Of Christians # 1

Mary, Help Of Christians # 2

Mary, Mother Of God # 1

Mary, Mother Of God # 2

Mary, Mother Of God # 3

Mary, Mother Of God # 4

Mary, Mother Of Grace # 1

Mary, Mother Of Grace # 2

Mary, Our Lady... (Haiku Prayer # 7)

Mary, Our Model In Prayer

Mary Our Mother... (Haiku Prayer # 4)

Mary Our Strength

Mary, Powerful Virgin... (Our Lady, Help Of Christians)

Mary, Queen Of The Apostles

Mary, Queen Of The Home

Mary, Show That You Are...

Mary Stewart's Prayer

Mary, Virgin For Ever

Mary, Virgin, Mother Of God... (To The Most Holy Virgin, Mother Of Sorrows)

Mass, After # 1

Mass, After # 2

Mass, After # 3

Mass, After # 4

Mass, After (By St. Bonaventure)

Mass, After (To St. Joseph)

Mass, After (By St. Thomas Aquinas)

Mass, Appreciation Of The

Mass, Before # 1

Mass, Before # 2

Mass, Before # 3

Mass, Before # 4

Mass, Before # 5

Mass, Before (By St. Thomas Aquinas)

Mass, Before (To All The Angels And Saints)

Mass, Before (To St. Joseph)

Mass, Before (To The Blessed Virgin Mary)

Mass, Before Daily (By St. Ambrose)

Mass, For Altar Servers Before

Mass, For Midnight # 1

Mass, For Midnight # 2

Mass, Sunday Prayer Before (By St. Ambrose)

Mass, Monday Prayer Before (By St. Ambrose)

Mass, Tuesday Prayer Before (By St. Ambrose)

Mass, Wednesday Prayer Before (By St. Ambrose)

Mass, Thursday Prayer Before (By St. Ambrose)

Mass, Friday Prayer Before (By St. Ambrose)

Mass, Saturday Prayer Before (By St. Ambrose)

May Christ Who Was Cruficied... (For The Dying # 2)

May First Prayer

May God Bless You... (Family Blessing Of Children)

May God Bless You... (Wedding Anniversary)

May I Always Remember

May It Be Known... (For Safety From Satan)

May The Lord Preserve... (For The Pope # 3)

May The Most Holy... (Golden Arrow Prayer)

May The Tribute... (After Mass # 1)

Meal Prayers For The Christmas Season

Meals, Grace Before # 1

Meals, Grace Before # 2

Meals, Grace Before # 3

Meals, Lenten Grace Before (Morning)

Meals, Lenten Grace Before (Evening)

Meals, Thanksgiving After # 1

Meals, Thanksgiving After # 2

Meals, Thanksgiving After # 3

Meals, Thanksgiving After # 4

Meals, Lenten Thanksgiving After (Morning)

Meals, Lenten Thanksgiving After (Evening)

Medication, For Those On

Meditation, After

Meditation, Study Or Spirit Reading, Before...

Medjugorje # 1

Medjugorje # 2

Medjugorje # 3

Medjugorje # 4

Medjugorje # 5

Meeting, Before A (Administrative or Board Meeting)

Meeting, Before A (Business)

Meeting, Before A (Business & Work Meeting)

Meeting , Before A (Business Blessing)

Meeting, Before A (Chapter Meeting for Troops)

Meeting, Before A (Directors)

Meeting, Before A (Ecumenical Blessing)

Meeting, Before A (Family Meeting)

Meeting, Before A (Finance Meeting)

Meeting, Before A (General Blessing)

Meeting, Before A (General Meeting) # 1

Meeting, Before A (General Meeting) # 2

Meeting, Before A (General Meeting) # 3

Meeting, Before A (General Meeting) # 4

Meeting, Before A (General Meeting) # 5

Meeting, Before A (General Meeting) # 6

Meeting, Before A (General Meeting) # 7

Meeting, Before A (General Meeting) # 8

Meeting, Before A (Group Meeting)

Meeting, Before A (Health Care Meeting)

Meeting, Before A (Leadership Meeting)

Meeting, Before A (Pastoral Blessing)

Meeting, Before A (Planning Meeting)

Meeting, Before A (Reach An Agreement)

Meeting, Before A (School Board)

Meeting, Before A (Staff Meeting)

Meeting, Before A (Sunday School # 1)

Meeting, Before A (Sunday School # 2)

Meeting, Before A (Union Negotiations)

Meeting, Before A (University Budget Meeting)

Meeting, Closing Of A

Memorable Jesus, Mary And Joseph

Memorare Of St. Bernard, The

Memorare To Saint Anne

Memorare To Saint Joseph # 1

Memorare To Saint Joseph # 2

Memorial Prayers For The Suffering Souls Of Purgatory

Merciful Father

Merciful God, Who Prayed That... (For Faithless Relatives)

Merciful Jesus... (For Peace # 9)

Mercy Of God... (In Time Of Calamity)

Mercy, To Jesus And Mary For

Military: Click here for a complete list.

Military, Protection For Those In The Service

Millennium Prayer, The

Miracle Prayer, The

Miracles, For

Miraculous Medal, The

Miscarriage Prayer

Miscarriage, To Avoid A


Missal, Prayer Of The

Mission, For # 1

Mission, For # 2

Mission Prayer

Missionaries # 1, For

Missionaries # 2, For

Missionaries Of Charity, Prayer Of The

Mood, When In A Bad

Moonless Darkness Stands Between... (Christmas Prayer)

Morning Offering # 1

Morning Offering # 2

Morning Offering # 3

Morning Offering # 4

Morning Offering # 5

Morning Offering # 6

Morning Offering # 7

Morning Offering # 8

Morning Offering # 9

Morning Offering # 10

Morning Offering Of The Apostleship Of Prayer

Morning Prayer

Morning Prayer From The Roman Breviary # 1

Morning Prayer From The Roman Breviary # 2

Morning Prayer by St. Theresa

Most Holy And Adorable Name Of Jesus, In Honour Of The

Most Holy And Adorable Trinity... (Morning Offering # 3)

Most Holy And Afflicted Virgin... (Sorrows Of The Blessed Virgin Mary)

Most Holy And Immaculate Virgin... (Immaculate Queen Of Peace)

Most Holy And Immaculate Virgin... (Mary, Help Of Christians # 2)

Most Holy Heart Of Jesus

Most Holy Hearts... (Consecration of the Family To The Sacred Hearts Of Jesus And Mary)

Most Holy Trinity... (Fatima Prayer # 3)

Most Holy Trinity... (To Be Conformed To The Divine Will)

Most Holy Virgin And Mother... (The Sorrowful Mother For The Church And The Pontiff)

Most Holy Virgin, Who Wast... (Our Lady Immaculate)

Most Lovable Lady

Most Merciful Father... (For The Souls In Purgatory # 5)

Most Merciful Jesus... (For The Dying # 1)

Most Sacred Heart Of Jesus... (Akita Prayer)

Most Sacred Heart Of Jesus, Remembering... (To The Sacred Heart For Those In Purgatory)

Most Sweet Jesus, Humbly Kneeling... (Renewal Of The Consecration Of The Family To The Sacred Heart Of Jesus)

Most Sweet Jesus, Redeemer Of... (Consecration Of The Human Race To The Sacred Heart Of Jesus)

Mother Of Compassion

Mother Of God... (Aspirations To The Most Blessed Virgin Mary)

Mother Of Good Counsel... (Our Lady Of Good Counsel # 3)

Mother Of Our God... (Haiku Prayer # 5)

Mother Of Our Hope... (Haiku Prayer # 6)

Mother Of Perpetual Help... (Our Lady Of Perpetual Help # 1)

Mother Of Perpetual Help, Today We... (Our Lady Of Perpetual Help # 8)

Mother Of Perpetual Help, You Have... (Our Lady Of Perpetual Help # 9)

Motherhood, For

Mother's Day Prayer # 1

Mother's Day Prayer # 2

Mothers, A Prayer For

Mothers, For All

Motorcyclist's Prayer, The

Motorist's Prayer, The

Mourn # 1, For Those Who

Mourn # 2, For Those Who

Mourn # 3, For Those Who

Musician's Serenity Prayer, The

My Dear Lord And Saviour... (Act Of Spiritual Communion # 2)

My Dear Redeemer... (Act Of Right Intention)

My Dearest Jesus... (After Confession # 1)

My Divine Lord, I Firmly Believe... (Act Of Faith # 5)

My God, Enable Me To Bear Thee... (After Communion)

My God, I Am Sorry For My Sins... (Act Of Contrition # 2)

My God, I Am Sorry For My Sins... (Act Of Contrition # 3)

My God, I Believe In Thee... (A Spirit To Know You)

My God, I Offer Thee... (Offering Of Masses For The Dying)

My Good Angel... (Guardian Angel # 4)

My Holy Angel Guardian... (Traveller's Prayer # 1)

My Jesus, By The Sorrows... (For Deliverance)

My Jesus, I Believe That You... (Spiritual Communion # 2)

My Jesus, I Place All My Sins Before You... (For The Forgiveness Of Sins)

My Jesus, Thou Alone Art... (Aspirations Of Love To Jesus Christ)

My Lord And God

My Lord Jesus Christ... (For A Happy Death # 3)

My Lord Jesus Christ... (To The Most Blessed Sacrament)

My Loving Jesus... (Act Of Oblation To The Sacred Heart)

My Soul Dilate Thy Heart... (Act Of Confidence)

My Soul Doth Magnify The Lord... (Feast Of The Visitation)

My Soul Magnifies The Lord... (Magnificat)

My Soul Proclaims The Greatness Of The Lord... (Canticle Of Mary)

My Soul, The Happy Hour Is Arrived... (Act Of Desire)

My Queen, My Mother

My Queen, My Mother... (Consecration To Mary)

My Trust Is In Sweet Jesus... (For The Virtue Of Trust)

Myself, Prayer For

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“Prayer is the raising of one’s mind and heart to God or the requesting of good things from God.” [Catechism of the Catholic Church # 2559]
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