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Catholic Prayers
Beginning With Letter "H"

Haiku Prayer # 1

Haiku Prayer # 2

Haiku Prayer # 3

Haiku Prayer # 4

Haiku Prayer # 5

Haiku Prayer # 6

Haiku Prayer # 7

Haiku Prayer # 8

Haiku Prayer # 9

Haiku Prayer # 10

Haiku Prayer # 11

Haiku Prayer # 12

Haiku Prayer # 13

Haiku Prayer # 14

Haiku Prayer # 15

Haiku Prayer # 16

Hail And Bless Be The Hour... (Christmas Anticipation Prayer)

Hail, Christ, Our King

Hail Full Of Grace... (In Honour Of The Blessed Virgin And Her Mother, Saint Anne)

Hail, Heart Most Holy... (Salutations To The Heart Of Jesus And Mary)

Hail, Holy Queen, Mother Of Mercy... (Hail, Holy Queen)

Hail, Holy Queen, Mother Of Mercy... (The Salve Regina)

Hail Infant Mary... (Child Mary And To Sts. Joachim And Ann)

Hail, O Queen Of Heaven Enthroned... (Hail, O Queen Of Heaven Enthroned)

Hail, O Queen Of Heaven... (Ave, Regina Caelorum)

Hail, O Virgin Most Pure... (Salve, O Vergine)

Hail, You Star Of The Ocean... (Hail, You Star Of The Ocean)

Hail Mary # 1

Hail Mary # 2

Hail Mary, Daughter Of God... (Salutations To Mary)

Hail Mary, Poor And Humble Woman... (Our Lady Of Lourdes)

Hail Most Blessed Jesus... (At The Elevation)

Hail Saving Victim...

Hail Star Of The Sea

Hail, Thou Star Of Ocean

Hail To Thee! True Body Sprung (St. Thomas Aquinas)

Hail True Body Truly Born

Hallowed Mother, Do This Favour... (Our Lady Of Sorrows)

Happy Death, For A # 1

Happy Death, For A # 2

Happy Death, For A # 3

Happy Death, For A # 4

Happy Death, For A # 5

Happy Death, For A # 6

Happy Death, For A # 7

Happy Death, For A # 8

Happy Death, To St. Joseph For A

Happy Death, To St. Theresa

Happy Those Whose Offense... (The Lord Forgives)

Harmony And Unity, For

Have Mercy On Me, O God... (Psalm 50)

He That Dwelleth... (Psalm 90)

Healing # 1, For

Healing # 2, For

Healing # 3, For

Healing # 4, For

Healing # 5, For

Healing # 6, For

Healing # 7, For

Healing And Renewal, For

Healing Of Mind, For

Healing Of The Spirit Special Intention

Health Care Reform, For Our Nation's

Health Care Workers' Prayer

Hear, O Lord, My Prayer... (Psalm 101)

Hear, O Lord, My Prayer... (Psalm 142)

Hear Our Prayer... (Haiku Prayer # 11)

Hear Us, O God... (Deliverance From An Unprovided Death)

Hearken, O Lord... (Attende Domine)

Heart Of Jesus... (Nine Elevations To The Sacred Heart)

Heart Of Jesus, To the

Heart Prayer

Heart's Prayer, The

Heavenly Father, Be Pleased To Bless... (For The Pope # 2)

Heavenly Father, Bless... (Family Blessing At Bedtime)

Heavenly Father, Bless Your Church... (For Vocations # 4)

Heavenly Father, I Ask You... (To Rebuke Satan)

Heavenly Father, In Glorifying... (For Eternal Life With God)

Heavenly Father, In My Present Need... (In Time Of Need)

Heavenly Father, In These Trying Time... (For The Bishop)

Heavenly Father, In Your Love... (For The Unborn)

Heavenly Father, In Your Wisdom... (For Religious Priests, Brothers & Sisters)

Heavenly Father, Look Upon Our Community... (For The Church # 2)

Heavenly Father, Look With Mercy... (When Visiting A Sick Person # 1)

Heavenly Father, Lord Of The Harvest... (For Vocations # 2)

Heavenly Father, Recreate Me

Heavenly Father, Since The Time... (For Deacons And Other Ministers)

Heavenly Father, The Beauty... (For Respect Of Life)

Heavenly Father, Thou Has Given Us... (For Aborted Babies)

Heavenly Father, Through The Obedience.. (For The Joy Of Forgiveness)

Heavenly Father, We Are Reminded... (Prayer For The Family # 2)

Heavenly Father, We Ask You... (Spiritual Armor Of Prayer)

Heavenly Father We Praise You... (Birthday Prayer # 1)

Heavenly Father, You Created Men... (For The Helpless Unborn)

Heavenly Father, You Have Called us... (For The Laity)

Heavenly Father, You Have Given Us... (Prayer For The Family # 3)

Heavenly Treasures, For

Help Against Spiritual Enemies

Help, For

Help Me To Be A Fine Teacher... (A Teacher's Prayer)

Help Me To Recognize Your Love For Me

Help Of All In Need

Helpless Unborn, For The

Hiking Prayer

His Love And Mercy

Holiest Mother... (Haiku Prayer # 8)

Holiness, For

Holy Angels, Prayer To The

Holy Are Your Ways

Holy Child Mary

Holy Cross, The

Holy Face, To The # 1

Holy Face, To The # 2

Holy Face, To The (By St. Theresa)

Holy Face, To The

Holy Face Of Jesus... (Prayer To The Holy Face Of Jesus)

Holy Face Of Jesus, Prayer To The

Holy Face Prayer For Sinners

Holy Family # 1, The

Holy Family # 2, The

Holy Family # 3, The

Holy Family # 4, The

Holy God, Holy Strong One... (Doxology To The Blessed Trinity)

Holy God, We Praise You... (Our Lady Of Perpetual Help # 4)

Holy Guardian Angel

Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord... (Angelic Praise Of The Most Sacred Trinity)

Holy Immaculate Mary... (Love Of Mary)

Holy Love, To Jesus Christ To Obtain His

Holy Mary, Help The Helpless

Holy Mary, Help Those In Need... (Help of all in need)

Holy Mary, Mother Fair... (Child's Prayer To Mary)

Holy Mary, Mother Of Perpetual Help... (Our Lady Of Perpetual Help # 5)

Holy Mary, My Patron... (Mary As A Personal Patron)

Holy Michael, The Archangel

Holy Mother Of Czestochowa... (Our Lady of Czestochowa # 1)

Holy Mother Of God

Holy Name Of Jesus

Holy Name Of Jesus, In Honour Of The Most

Holy Name Of Jesus, Most

Holy Name Of Jesus, To The

Holy Saturday, For

Holy Saturday Prayer To Be Joined With Christ In Death

Holy Souls, For The # 1

Holy Souls, For The # 2

Holy Souls, For The # 3

Holy Souls, To Jesus And Mary For The # 4

Holy Spirit, The # 1

Holy Spirit, The # 2

Holy Spirit, The # 3

Holy Spirit, The # 4

Holy Spirit, The # 5

Holy Spirit, The # 6

Holy Spirit, The # 7

Holy Spirit, Divine Consoler... (For The Gifts Of The Holy Spirit)

Holy Thursday Opening Prayer (Mass)

Holy Thursday Prayer To Appreciate The Mass

Holy Thursday, Table Blessing For...

Holy Trinity... (Haiku Prayer # 12)

Holy Trinity Prayer

Holy Trinity, The

Holy Trinity, To The Most

Holy Water Bottle Prayer

Holy Week, For

Holy Week Family Evening Prayer

Holy Week: Tuesday Prayer

Holy Week: Wednesday Prayer

Home, For The

How Great Is Your Name... (Divine Glory And Human Dignity)

Humanity, For All

Humble Reliance Upon God

Hurricane Season, During The

Hurt Or Injured, When Feeling

Husband Or Wife, For A Good

Husbands Or Wives, For

Hymn For The Holy Souls

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“Prayer is the raising of one’s mind and heart to God or the requesting of good things from God.” [Catechism of the Catholic Church # 2559]
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