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Catholic Prayers
Beginning With Letter "L"

Laity, For The

Lamb Of God Who Takes Away The Sins... (Agnus Dei # 1)

Lead Us In The Paths... (Haiku Prayer # 16)

Leaders Of The Flock, For The

Learning Christ

Lent, For The First Monday Of

Lent, For The First Week Of

Lent (Tuesday), For The First Week Of

Lent (Thursday), For The First Week Of

Lent, For The Second Monday Of

Lent, For The Second Week Of

Lent (Tuesday), For The Second Week Of

Lent (Wednesday), For The Second Week Of

Lent (Thursday), For The Second Week Of

Lent, For The Third Week Of

Lent, For The Fourth Week Of

Lent, For The Fifth Week Of

Lenten Prayer # 1

Lenten Prayer # 2

Lenten Prayer # 3

Lenten Prayer # 4

Lenten Prayer # 5

Lenten Prayer For Spiritual Renewal

Lenten Psalm

Let Me Be A Holy Sacrifice... (Before Mass # 1)

Let Me Pause As I Begin... (Each New Day)

Let Us Ask God... (For Vocations # 3)

Let Us Begin With... (Family Prayer Time)

Let Us Offer Praise And Thanksgiving... (The Crown Of Twelve Stars)

Life # 1, For

Life # 2, For

Life, Peace And Protection, For

Life, To Protect

Life Teen Prayer

Light Of The World, The

Listening, For

Little Infant Of Jesus... (Prayer To The Infant Jesus Of Good Health)

Little Office Of The Immaculate Conception

Little White Guest

Living Alone (For Those)

Loneliness, In Time Of

Look Down, O Lord... (Visit To The Blessed Sacrament)

Look Down Upon Me... (Prayer Before A Crucifix)

Look Down Upon Me... (After Communion, Before A Crucifix)

Look Down With Maternal Clemency

Look Upon The Face

Lord Almighty, Creator Of All Life... (For Angelic Assistance)

Lord, Father All-Powerful... (After Mass # 3)

Lord God Almighty... (Morning Prayer From The Roman Breviary)

Lord, God Of Peace... (For Peace # 3)

Lord God, Our Eternal Father... (Plea To The Everlasting God For The Preborn)

Lord, Help Me Live... (Others)

Lord I Am Yours... (Prayer Of St. Francis De Sales # 2)

Lord, I believe... (For Faith)

Lord, I come to offer You my will... (Offering Of The Will)

Lord, If What I Seek... "For Resignation To God's Will"

Lord, In Your Love For... (For Vocations # 7)

Lord, Inspire Those Men And Women... (For Husbands Or Wives)

Lord Jesus Christ... (Jesus Prayer # 1)

Lord Jesus Christ, I Accept... (Intention Before Sleep)

Lord Jesus Christ, I Approach... (Before Mass # 3)

Lord Jesus Christ, I Believe... (For Perseverance)

Lord Jesus Christ, I Consecrate Myself... (Act Of Consecration To Jesus)

Lord Jesus Christ, Most Merciful... (For The Conversion Of Sinners)

Lord Jesus Christ, Son Of The Living... (To The Crucified Jesus)

Lord Jesus Christ, Take All My Freedom... (Dedication To Jesus)

Lord Jesus Christ, We Praise You... (For Peace # 2)

Lord Jesus Christ, Who... (The Holy Family)

Lord Jesus, Eternal And Infallible Truth... (Act Of Faith # 3)

Lord Jesus, Give Me Your Peace

Lord Jesus, Grant Saintly... (For Vocations # 5)

Lord Jesus, Grant That I And My Spouse... (Spouse Prayer For Each Other)

Lord Jesus, Help Me... (Hiking Prayer)

Lord Jesus, I Come Before You... (The Miracle Prayer)

Lord Jesus, Lover Of The Sick... (When Visiting A Sick Person # 2)

Lord Jesus, May Everything I Do... (For Guidance)

Lord Jesus, Our Brother... (Meals, Grace Before # 2)

Lord Jesus, Our Saviour... (Mary As A Patron Of A Community)

Lord Jesus, Redeemer Of All, Hear My Prayer

Lord Jesus, Son Of God... (For Christian Unity # 3)

Lord Jesus, Son Of The Most High... (For An End To Gossip)

Lord Jesus, Thank You For The Opportunity... (For Altar Servers After Mass)

Lord Jesus, Through Thine Infant Cries

Lord Jesus, Up Until Now... (To Know One's Vocation)

Lord Jesus, We Thank You... (Dedication Of A Newly Married Couple To The Precious Blood)

Lord, Jesus, We Your Church... (Jubilee Prayer)

Lord Jesus, When You Walked... (For The Virtue Of Humility)

Lord Jesus, You Came Into The World... (In Time Of Illness)

Lord Jesus, You Have Called Us... (Prayer Of Sorrow)

Lord Jesus, You, Who... (For Those Who Do Not Know Christ)

Lord, Listen To My Prayer... (When In Desolation)

Lord, Look Upon Me... (For Healing # 3)

Lord, May Your Kingdom Come

Lord, Now You Let Your Servant... (Simeon's Prayer)

Lord Of The Harvest... (For Vocations # 9)

Lord, Open Our Hearts... (Before Scripture Reading)

Lord, Our God, Help Us... (For Mission # 2)

Lord, Please Help Me

Lord's Prayer # 1

Lord's Prayer # 2

Lord, Sometimes I Have A Hard Time... (Offering Of One's Senses)

Lord, You Have Given Me A Body... (Offering Of One's Body)

Lord, You Invite All Who... (For Healing)

Lord, Your Creations Display... (For Moderate Pride)

Lorica Of St. Patrick

Lourdes Grotto Prayer In The Vatican Garden

Love God Above All Things, To

Love Of Mary

Lovely Lady, Dressed In Blue... (Our Lady Of The Assumption)

Loving And Gracious God... (Bishop's Annual Appeal Prayer)

Loving Father, Faith In Your Word... (To Share The Life Of Jesus)

Loving Father, I Stand Before You... (A Student's Prayer)

Loving Father, We Praise You... (Thanksgiving After Meals # 2)

Loving Jesus, Sweetness... (For The Virtue Of Love)

Loving Mother Of The Redeemer... (Alma Redemptoris Mater)

Loving Others, For

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“Prayer is the raising of one’s mind and heart to God or the requesting of good things from God.” [Catechism of the Catholic Church # 2559]
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