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Before we begin our meeting,
let us take a moment to thank the Lord
for this opportunity to be here,
working together toward the common goal
of enriching our parish and our parishioners.
Guide us, Lord, so that we may united
in the spirit of mutual respect
and exchange of ideas and goals,
not as individual entities,
but as the Catholic community we strive to be.
In our discussion here this evening,
let us not forget for whom we do this:
our Parish and our parishioners.
Help us to work together to be successful
in our obligations to our Parish and our parish family.
As always, we seek your guidance and inspiration
in all our thoughts and decisions.
Dear Lord, we pray that this meeting will be
a most productive and successful meeting.


Send Your Holy Spirit to preside over this meeting,
and help us to work together for Your honor and glory
and for the salvation of the world.
Lord Jesus, hear our prayer,
for You are our Lord for ever and ever.

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