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Catholic Prayers
Beginning With Letter "B"

Be Appeased, O Lord... (Nuptial Blessing # 1)

Be Sorry For Sins

Beatification Of Jacinta Marto

Beatitudes, The

Because I Am Obnoxious... (As I Am Lord)

Become More Like Jesus, To

Before A Crucifix # 1, Prayer

Before A Crucifix # 2, Prayer

Before A Crucifix # 3, Prayer

Before A Crucifix # 4, Prayer

Before A Picture Or Statue Of Saint Anne

Before Reading The Bible

Before The Closing Of The Day

Behold Me, My Beloved Jesus... (In Time Of Suffering)

Behold Now, Bless Ye The Lord... (Psalm 123)

Behold, O Good And Sweetest..." (Before A Crucifix, Prayer)

Behold O Most Loving Jesus... (To The Most Blessed Sacrament)

Behold, O Mother Of Perpetual Help... (Our Lady Of Perpetual Help # 7)

Beloved Shepherd Of Souls... (For Those Whose Lives I Touched)

Bend Tenderly Over Our Wounds

Benediction of the Most Blessed Sacrament

Benefactors, For Friends And

Bereavement, In

Be With Me Today, O Lord

Be With Us, Lord, Tonight... (An Evening Visit)

Biblical Insight, For

Birth Mother's Prayer, A

Birthday Prayer # 1

Birthday Prayer # 2

Bishop, For The

Bishop's Annual Appeal Prayer

Bless Me, Heavenly Father

Bless Me, O Lord

Bless Us O Lord... (Grace Before Meals # 1)

Blessed Are The Poor In Spirit... (The Beatitudes)

Blessed Are They Whose... (Psalm 31)

Blessed Are You, Lord God... (Praise And Thanks)

Blessed Are You, Loving Father... (Thanks For Family And Friends)

Blessed Are You, Loving God... (Prayer For The Family # 1)

Blessed Be God... (Acts Of Divine Praises)

Blessed Be God... (Benediction of the Most Blessed Sacrament)

Blessed Be God... (Rite Of Eucharistic Devotion)

Blessed Be God... (The Divine Praises)

Blessed Be The Lord... (Canticle Of Zechariah)

Blessed Is The Man... (Psalm 111)

Blessed Joseph, Husband Of Mary... (Prayer To Saint Joseph # 8)

Blessed Sacrament, To Jesus In The # 1

Blessed Sacrament, To Jesus In The # 2

Blessed Sacrament, To Jesus In The # 3

Blessed Sacrament, To Jesus In The # 4

Blessed Sacrament, To Jesus In The # 5

Blessed Mother, Pray... (Haiku Prayer # 10)

Blessed Virgin Mary... (Our Lady, Mother of Mercy)

Blessed Virgin Mary... (Sorrows Of The Blessed Virgin Mary)

Blessed Virgin Who, Under The... (Vergine Benedicta)

Blood Of Christ, Inebriate Me...

Blood Of Jesus, Inebriate Me... (Act Of Consecration To The Most Precious Blood)

Body Of Christ, Save Me...

Breast Cancer, For Woman With

Breakfast During The Christmas Season, After

Breakfast During The Christmas Season, Before

Breath In Me... (To The Spirit Of God)

Breathe In Me... (For Holiness)

Breathe Into Me, Holy Spirit... (To The Holy Spirit # 2)

By This Holy Water... (Prayer When Using Holy Water)

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“Prayer is the raising of one’s mind and heart to God or the requesting of good things from God.” [Catechism of the Catholic Church # 2559]
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