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Catholic Prayers
Beginning With Letter "F"

Faith, For

Faith, For A

Faith, For The Preservation Of The

Faith, Of

Faithful In Serving God, To Be

Faithfulness, For

Faithfulness To My Religion, For

Faithless Relatives, For

Families, For Christian

Family Blessing At A Gathering

Family Blessing At Bedtime

Family Blessing Of Children

Family, Prayer For One's

Family, Prayer For Our # 1

Family, Prayer For Our # 2

Family, Prayer For Our # 3

Family, Prayer For Our # 4

Family, Prayer For The # 5

Family, Prayer For The # 6

Family, Prayer For The # 7

Family, Prayer For The Entrustment Of The

Family Prayer Time

Family Prayer To Maria Bambina

Family Prayer To The Holy Family

Farmer's Prayer

Father, God Of All Consolation... (For The Souls In Purgatory # 3)

Father, I Abandon Myself... (Prayer Of Abandonment)

Father, I Belong To You... (Prayer Of A Separated Or Divorced Person)

Father, I Dedicate This New Day... (Dedication Of The Day)

Father, I Thank You... (A Father's Blessing)

Father In Heaven... (Prayer To The Assumption of Mary)

Father In Heaven, Ever-Living Source... (To Be Faithful In Serving God)

Father In Heaven, We Praise You... (Family Blessing At A Gathering)

Father In Heaven, When The Spirit... (To Live As A Child Of God)

Father In Heaven, You Made... (For God's Guidance)

Father, Let This Suffering Pass From Me... (In Sickness)

Father Michael J. McGivney (Founder of Knights of Columbus)

Father Of Heaven And Earth... (To Know The Way To Peace)

Father Of Love, Hear My Prayer... (For The Way To Peace)

Father Of Mercies

Father Of Mercy, Forgive My... (To Serve God Well)

Father Of Us All.... (Grace Before Meals # 3)

Father, Source Of Light... (Mary, Mother Of God # 3)

Father, The Image Of The Virgin... (Immaculate Conception Of The Virgin Mary # 2)

Father, We Thank You... (After Scripture Reading)

Father We Thank You... (For Expectant Mothers # 1)

Father, You Have Given... (For Justice # 1)

Father, You Prepared... (Immaculate Conception Of The Virgin Mary # 1)

Father, Your Love Never Fails... (To Turn From Sin)

Fathers # 1, For

Fathers # 2, For

Father's Day Prayer # 1

Father's Day Prayer # 2

Father's Day Prayer # 3

Father's Prayer, A

Father's Prayer For Loved Ones, A

Fatima Prayer # 1

Fatima Prayer # 2

Fatima Prayer # 3

Fatima Prayer # 4

Fatima Prayer # 5

Faultless Lord... (For The Strength To Forgive)

Favour, For

Feast Of Corpus Christi, For The

Feast Of The Chair Of Saint Peter, For The

Feast Of The Visitation

Fifth Centenary Prayer

Fire Captain's Prayer

Fire Chief's Prayer

Fire, Protection Against

Firefigthers, Prayer For

Firefighter's Prayer # 1

Firefighter's Prayer # 2

Fireman's Daughter

Fireman's Prayer, A

Fireman's Wife Prayer

First Holy Communion, For Those Preparing Children For Their

Fisherman And All Those Who Travel By Sea, For

Floods, Protection Against Storms And

Follow Christ, To

Follow The Call Of Christ, To

For All Things Necessary For Salvation

For All You Have Given Me... (Thank You God!)

For Christ's Mercy

For Eternal Life With God

For Everything There Is A Season... (Everything Has Its Time)

For God's Help In Daily Actions

For One And All

For People With Limitations

For The Critically Ill

For The Joy Of Forgiveness

For The Present Moment

For The Preservation Of The Faith

For Those Suffering In Purgatory

For Those Who Do Not Know Christ

For Those Whose Lives I Touched

For Your Mercies... (Act Of Hope # 4)

Forgive, For The Strength To

Forgive Me My Sins... (Act Of Contrition # 7)


Forgiveness, For

Forgiveness Of Sins # 1, For The

Forgiveness Of Sins # 2, For The

Forgotten Dead, For The

Forgotten Ones, For The

Forgotten Soul, For The Most

Freedom From Addiction

Friends # 1, For

Friends # 2, For

Friends And Benefactors, For

Friendship, For True

From All Eternity, O Lord... (Choosing A State Of Life)

From The Depths Of My Heart... (Act Of Thanksgiving # 1)

From The Depths Of My Heart... (Act Of Thanksgiving # 2)

From The Depths Of This Vale Of Tears... (To Mary, Queen)

Future, For The

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“Prayer is the raising of one’s mind and heart to God or the requesting of good things from God.” [Catechism of the Catholic Church # 2559]
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