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Catholic Prayers
Beginning With Letter "S"

Sacred Head of Our Blessed Lord

Sacred Heart Of Jesus, To The # 1

Sacred Heart Of Jesus, To The # 2

Sacred Heart Of Jesus, To The # 3

Sacred Heart Of Jesus, To The # 4

Sacred Heart Of Jesus, To The # 5

Safety From Satan, For

Saint Gabriel, For Intercession

Saint Michael... (Heart Prayer)

Saint Michael The Archangel... (St. Michael For Personal Protection)

Saint Patrick's Breastplate

Salvation, For

Salvation Of The World, For The

Salve, O Vergine

Salve Regina, The

Salutation To The Sacred Heart, A

Salutations To Mary

Salutations To The Heart Of Jesus And Mary

Sanctification Of Labour, To St. Joseph For

Sarum Prayer

Satan, Defeat The Work Of

Save The Afflicted

Saviour, Majestic Redeemer... (For The Virtue Of Mercy)

Scala Santa Devotion, The

School Council Prayer

School Year, For A New

Scots Gaelic Blessing

Scripture Reading, After

Scripture Reading, Before

Seafarers, For

Self-Giving, Of

Self-Motivation, For

Self-Offering To The Trinity

Self-Sacrifice, For

Self-Surrender, Of

Send Your Angel To Mass

Separated Or Divorced Person, Prayer Of A

Serenity Prayer, The

Service, Protection For Those In The Military

Servitude, For

Serve God Well, To

Seven Holy Founders Of The Servite Order, For The

Seven Oblations of the Most Adorable Blood

Seven Offerings Of The Precious Blood # 1

Seven Offerings Of The Precious Blood # 2

Seven Thanksgiving For The Seven Shedding Of Our Lord's Blood

Shoulder Wound of Our Lord Jesus (Prayer to) # 1

Shoulder Wound of Our Lord Jesus (Prayer to) # 2

Shrove Tuesday Prayer

Sick, Evening Prayer For The

Sick # 1, For The

Sick # 2, For The

Sick # 3, For The

Sick And Suffering, For The

Sick Near Death, For The

Sick, Psalm For The

Sick Child, For A

Sick Person, For A # 1

Sick Person, For A # 2

Sick Person, For A # 3

Sick Person, For A # 4

Sick Person, To Be Said By A

Sick And Seniors, For The

Sick Person, When Visiting A # 1

Sick Person, When Visiting A # 2

Sickness, In

Sickness, Peace In Time Of

Sick, World Day Of Prayer For The

Sick, For The: Before Surgery

Sick, For The: After Surgery

Sick, For The: For The Sick Person

Sick, For The: For The Chronically Ill

Sick, For The: For A Sick Child

Sick, For The: For Family And Friends

Sick, For The: For Those Who Care For The Sick

Sign Of The Cross, The

Simeon's Prayer

Sing My Tongue... (Pange Lingua)

Social Justice, For

Society, For

Solace, Prayer Of

Solitude, For

Someone Special, For

Sometimes I Feel As If I Am Miles Away

Sorrow For Sin

Sorrow, In

Sorrow, Prayer Of

Sorrowful Mother For The Church And The Pontiff (The)

Sorrows Of The Blessed Virgin Mary

Soul # 1, For A Particular

Soul # 2, For A Particular

Soul # 3, For A Particular

Soul # 4, For A Particular

Soul # 5, For A Particular

Soul Of Christ... (Anima Christi: After Communion: St. Ignatius Loyola)

Soul Of Christ, Sanctify Me... (After Communion # 3)

Soul Of Jesus, Sanctify Me... (Anima Christi Of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton)

Souls, For The Suffering

Souls In Need, For

Souls In Purgatory # 1, For The

Souls In Purgatory # 2, For The

Souls Of Religious, For The

Souls Of Purgatory, Prayer Of Supplication For The Poor

Sovereignty of our Lord Jesus Christ, Supreme King, For The Feast Of

Special Intentions, For

Special Need, For A

Spirit Of Wisdom... (To The Holy Spirit # 3)

Spiritual Armor Of Prayer

Spiritual Communion # 1

Spiritual Communion # 2

Spiritual Communion # 3

Spiritual Communion # 4

Spiritual Communion with Mary

Spiritual Renewal, Lenten Prayer For

Spiritual Warfare Prayer

Splendor Of Truth, The

Spouse Prayer For Each Other

Spouses, Of,

Stabat Mater Dolorosa

State Of Life, For The Choice Of A

Steps Of The Passion, In The


Storms And Floods, Protection Against

Strength And Wisdom

Strength, For Inner

Strength And Weakness, For

Strength To Forgive

Student's Prayer, A

Student's Prayer To Saint Anthony

Student's Prayer To Saint Joseph

Student's Prayer To Saint Joseph Of Cupertino

Studying, Before

Studying, Before # 1 (Prayer of St. Thomas Aquinas)

Studying, Before # 2 (Prayer of St. Thomas Aquinas)

Studying, Before # 3 (Prayer of St. Thomas Aquinas)

Sub Tuum Praesidum

Submission, For

Success, For

Suicidal, For A Friend Who Is

Suicidal, If You Feel

Suicide, For People Who Committed

Summer Blessing, A

Supplication, Prayer Of

Supplication Of Christ In Agony

Surgery Prayer # 1, Before

Surgery Prayer # 2, Before

Surviving Friends, For

Sweet Child Mary... (Holy Child Mary)

Swine Flu, Protection Against

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“Prayer is the raising of one’s mind and heart to God or the requesting of good things from God.” [Catechism of the Catholic Church # 2559]
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