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Let me be a holy sacrifice
and unite with God in the sacrament of His greatest love.
I want to be one in Him in this act of love,
where He gives Himself to me and I give myself as a sacrifice to Him.
Let me be a holy sacrifice as I become one with Him
in this my act of greatest love to Him.

Let me unite with Him more,
that I may more deeply love Him.
May I help make reparation to His adorable Heart
and the heart of His Mother, Mary.
With greatest love,
I offer myself to You
and pray that You will accept my sacrifice of greatest love.
I give myself to You and unite in Your gift of Yourself to me.
Come and possess my soul.

Cleanse me, strengthen me, heal me.
Dear Holy Spirit act in the heart of Mary
to make me more and more like Jesus.

Father, I offer this my sacrifice,
myself united to Jesus in the Holy Spirit to You.
Help me to love God more deeply in this act of my greatest love.

Give me the grace to grow in my knowledge,
love and service of You
and for this to be my greatest participation in the Mass.
Give me the greatest graces to love You so deeply in this Mass,
You who are so worthy of my love.

(From "God's Blue Book"; December 27, 1995.)

(Imprimatur: Most Reverend Carl K. Moeddel, Vicar General and Auxiliary Bishop, Archdiocese of Cincinnati.)

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