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Catholic Prayers
Beginning With Letter "G"

Gardens And Orchards, For

Gentle St. Francis... "Respect For Life"

Generous, To Be

Generous Heart, For A

Gift Of Knowledge, For The

Gift Of Prudence, For The

Gift Of Understanding, For The

Gift Of Wisdom, For The

Gift To Seek God And Live In Him

Gifts Of The Holy Spirit, For The

Gifts Of The Holy Spirit, For The Seven

Give Me The Grace... (Prayer To Immaculate Mary)

Give Me Yourself, O My God... (Act Of Petition)

Glorious God, You Have Given... (For Those On Medication)

Glorious Prince Of The Heavenly Hosts... (To Saint Michael For Powerful Aid)

Glorious Saint Joseph, Father-Father... (Prayer To Saint Joseph # 7)

Glorious Saint Joseph, model of all... (Prayer for Success in Work)

Glorious Saint Joseph, Pattern of all who...

Glory Be To The Father

Glory Be To The Father... (The Doxology)

Glory Be To The Father... (The Holy Trinity)

Glory To God # 1

Glory To God # 2

Glory To You, O Lord Our God... (For Renew)

Go Forth

God Alone Suffices!

God, Come To My Assistance... (Night Prayer)

God Heavenly Father... (Lenten Prayer For Spiritual Renewal)

God Of All Consolation... (In Sorrow)

God Of Grace... (After Communion # 2)

God Of Life And Love... (Haiku Prayer # 13)

God Of Love And Mercy... (The Millennium Prayer)

God Of Love, I Thank You... (Thanks For People)

God Of Power And Mercy... (Our Lady Of Guadalupe # 3)

God Of Wisdom And Love... (Our Lady Of Good Counsel # 1)

God, My Father, May I Love... (To Love God Above All Things)

God, My Father, You Have... (To Live In God's Presence)

God Our Father, Giver Of Life... (Nation, For Our [U.S.A.])

God Our Father, May We... (Mary, Mother Of God # 2)

God Our Father, The Birth Of Your... (Birthday Prayer # 2)

God Our Father, We Thank You... (For Missions # 1)

God, Our Father, You Redeemed Us... (To Become More Like Jesus)

God Our Father, Your Power Brings... (For The Dead)

God Our Heavenly Father... (To Perceive Animals As God's Gifts)

God's Blessing Of One's Daily Work

God's Will

God The Father, I Thank Thee... (Daily Offering)

God The Father # 1, Prayer To

God The Father # 2, Prayer To

God The Father # 3, Prayer To

God The Father Of All Life

Golden Arrow Prayer # 1

Golden Arrow Prayer # 2

Golden Sequence, The

Good And Gentle Jesus... (For The Souls In Purgatory # 2)

Good Friday Prayer # 1

Good Friday Prayer # 2

Good Friday Prayer # 3

Good Friday Prayer Of Love For The Crucified Lord

Good Morning God

Good Morning Heavenly Father

Good Morning My Lord

Good Night My Guardian Angel

Good Shepherd, To Jesus The

Good Works, Before Any

Gospel, For The Spread Of The

Gossip, For An End To

Grace After Holy Communion, For

Grace, For

Grace From All The World's Masses, For The

Grace Of The Passion, For The

Grace To Become A Priest, For The

Grace To Receive Jesus Frequently, For The

Graces, For

Gracious And Holy Father... (A Spirit To Know You)

Grail Prayer, The

Graduation Prayer # 1

Graduation Prayer # 2

Grandparents, For

Grant, O Lord... (For Surviving Friends)

Grant Me O Lord A Steady Hand... (The Motorist's Prayer)

Grant Me, O Lord, My God... (Prayer Of St. Thomas Aquinas)

Grant Me Thy Grace... (For Grace After Holy Communion)

Grant Us, Lord Jesus... (For A Happy Death # 1)

Grant Us, O Lord Jesus... (For Parents By Their Children # 1)

Gratitude For God's Blessings

Grave, Visiting A

Greed, For Might Against

Growing up

Guardian Angel # 1

Guardian Angel # 2

Guardian Angel # 3

Guardian Angel # 4

Guardian Angel # 5

Guardian Angel # 6

Guardian Angel # 7

Guardian Angel # 8

Guardian Angel # 9

Guardian Angel # 10

Guardian Angel # 11

Guardian Angel # 12

Guardian Angel # 13

Guardian Angel (For A Happy Death)

Guardian Angel, Good Night My

Guardian Angel, Holy

Guardian Angel Of Her Children, A Mother's Prayer To The

Guardian Angel, Prayer To One's

Guardian Angel's Lament, The

Guardian Angel, Watch Over Those... (Guardian Angel # 5)

Guardian Angel When Unable To Assist At Daily Mass, To

Guardian Angel, Prayer To All

Guardian Angels, To The Holy

Guidance, For

Guidance, For (For Guidance by St. Theresa)

Guidance Of God, For

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“Prayer is the raising of one’s mind and heart to God or the requesting of good things from God.” [Catechism of the Catholic Church # 2559]
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