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The first purpose of this webpage and its presentation of YouTube videos is to offer Catholics the opportunity to view Christian videos that are in harmony with the teachings of the Catholic faith. The second purpose is to ensure that Catholics will not be exposed to the large amount of anti-Catholic videos that are found among Catholic videos on the YouTube website. Enjoy these videos that will enrich your faith!


Apparitions of the Virgin Mary in Egypt (Church Approved)
Apparitions of the Virgin Mary in Fatima (Church Approved)
Eucharistic Miracle
Lourdes: Candlelite Procession (Church Approved)
Marian Apparitions in Akita, Japan (Church Approved)
Marian Apparitions in Beauraing and Banneux, Belgium (Church Approved)
Marian Apparitions in Kibeho, Rhwanda (Church Approved)
Marian Apparitions in Zeitun, Egypt (Church Approved)
Miracle of Damascus (Church Approved)
Saints and Miracles Of our time


Chaplet Of Divine Mercy
Christmas Novena
Corpus Christi
Divine Mercy Chaplet - 3 O'clock Prayer
Feast Of Divine Mercy Talk
Holy Rosary: The Glorious Mysteries
Holy Rosary: The Joyful Mysteries
Holy Rosary: The Luminous Mysteries
Holy Rosary: The Sorrowful Mysteries
Litany Of The Saints
Prayer For Lost Children
Saint Joseph, Devoted Father.
The Angelus.
The Beatitudes.
The Rosary Explained.
The Stations Of The Cross.


Catholic Priest Preaches On Joy And Depression.
Catholic Senators: Their Faith And Public Policy.
Jesuits On... Exorcism.
Exorcism report by ABC'S 20/20, May '07.
That Catholic Show # 1: Sit, Stand, And Kneel.
That Catholic Show # 2: Candles And Lights.
That Catholic Show # 3: Night Of The Living Catechism.
That Catholic Show # 4: Charity And Mercy.
That Catholic Show # 5: Statues And Icons.
That Catholic Show # 6: You Are A Priest Forever.
That Catholic Show # 7: Water, Water Everywhere.


A tale of two sons, the prodigal and the righteous.
Baptism Of Our Lord.
Building A House That Lasts.
Conscience: The Voice Of God Within
Easter Homily.
Give until it Hurts and Give with a Smile.
God Does Not Ration His Spirit.
Jesus Christ: The Light Of The World.
Knowing God's Love Through The Trinity.
Love As The Trinity Does.
Meditating on the Word of God.
St. Athanasius: Defender of the Faith.
That Your Joy Might Be Complete.
The Character Of A Christian.
We Must Be Ready To Be Crucified
Which Came First, The Church Or The Bible?
You Will Receive Power


iPadre: Liturgical Mass Vestments


No Apologies
Our Lady Of Victory
The Assumption


Lourdes: The Song of Bernadette (18 Parts Movie)


Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother Of The Church
Catholic Music
Mother Of God


My Tribute To Pope John-Paul II
Pope John-Paul II (# 4)
Pope John-Paul II Dies
Pope John-Paul II Papal Audience
Pope John-Paul II Preaching In Chicago
Pope John-Paul II Tribute (# 2)
Tribute To Pope John-Paul II (# 2)


Mother Teresa - Mother Of All Albanians
On This Day Saint Maximilian Kolbe
Saint Padre Pio The Secret Of The Stigmatist
Saints And Miracles Of Our Time


Ave Maria
Ave Maria Oratory
Ave Maria - The Sorrowful Mysteries
Come To The Water
O Sacrum Convivium - SHS Chorus


Choir At Saint Joseph Oratory
Fatima, Portugal (Our Lady Of Fatima)
Our Lady Of Manoag


Come Let Us Worship
Promoting Vocations in the Catholic Church
Promoting Vocations in the Parish
Promoting Vocations in the Schools
Society Of St. Paul: Catholic Priests And Brothers In The Media
Society Of St. Paul: Spirituality And Media Ministry Of Priests And Brothers
Society Of St. Paul: Tour Of Catholic Chapel

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