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To you, blessed Joseph,
we come with confidence in this our hour of need,
trusting in your powerful protection.
Your loving service to the Immaculate Virgin Mother of God
and your fatherly affection for the Child Jesus
inspire us with faith
in the power of your intercession before the throne of God.

We pray, first of all, for the Church:
that it may be free from error and corruption,
and be a shining light of universal love and justice.

We ask your intercession for our loved ones
in their trials and adversities,
that they may be inspired by the love,
obedience, and affection of the Holy Family,
and be to each other a mutual source
of consolation and Christian fidelity.

We ask your intercession, also,
for our special need(s)...

(Mention your intention here...),

and to keep us all under your protection
so that strengthened by your example and assistance,
we may lead a holy life,
die a happy death,
and come to the possession of everlasting happiness in heaven.


("Life with Joseph," Rev. Paul J. Gorman, Nihil Obstat: Richard J. Schuler, Imprimatur: Archbishop John R. Roach, D.D.)

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