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O faithful virgin and glorious martyr,
Saint Philomena,
who works so many miracles
on behalf of the poor and sorrowing,
have pity on me.
Thou knowest the multitude
and diversity of my needs.
Behold me at thy feet,
full of misery,
but full of hope.
I entreat thy charity,
O great saint!
Graciously hear me
and obtain from God
a favourable answer to the request
which I now humbly lay before thee.

(Make your request here...)

I am thoroughly convinced
that through thy merits,
through the scorn,
the sufferings,
the death thou didst endure,
united to the merits
of the passion and death
of Jesus thy spouse,
I shall obtain what I ask of thee
and in the joy of my heart
I will bless God,
Who is admirable in his saints.


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