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O Lady of the Epiphany
through your power,
glory and love
show us your salvation;
Jesus Christ.
As the shepherds of Bethlehem
came to you so long ago,
we come before you at this moment.
To Jesus Christ reigning in your arms,
we also bow in awe.
O Queen and intimate friend,
remember our poverty.
We beg you,
O tender Mother to hold our hands
and listen closely to the desires
and needs of our hearts.
Mary, remember ...

(Mention your intention here...)

We promise to amend our lives.
Through your powerful intercession
obtain for us the beautiful manifestation
of your divine Son
in the lives of those we pray for so much.
Mystical, glorious woman crowned with stars,
obtain the miracles and heavenly signs
our dear ones need
to find and embrace Jesus Christ,
the King of Kings.
We implore you to reveal the treasures
of your heart to us,
your poor children,
at this urgent hour.


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