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The Benefits of praying this Novena are:

1. good health and productive work;
2. success in work; and
3. being free from adversities and ill-intentioned persons.

Novena Prayer

Act of Contrition: 

Jesus, my God, 
how often have I offended Thee and, 
despite my firm promise never to sin again, 
how many times have I left Thy sweet company 
to follow the path of sin! 
Dearest Lord, I am sorry for my past negligences. 
I regret this weakness of mine. 
I would be ashamed to promise again 
that I will not sin were it not for the confidence 
I have in Thy love and Thy mercy. 
I kneel in Thy presence, 
hopeful that despite so many past violations of Thy commandments, 
notwithstanding so many failures to correspond with Thy grace, 
I can still repent. 
I know that there is time to make a new beginning. 
With Thy aid I will strive to be faithful to Thee, 
with Thy assistance I will do my utmost to serve Thee faithfully - and always. 
Do Thou, dear Jesus, help me. 


First Day

Our hearts have been created to love. 
It is God Whom you have to love most, 
more than all beings, 
more than all riches of the world,
and in this way you will avoid many disappointments. 
St. Pancratius did it so 
and by it he obtained many favors from God. 
Ask him fervently for this grace, 
you will live peacefully 
and will obtain his protection in all your needs.

Prayer for each day to the Blessed Trinity,
to whom St. Pancratius was greatly devoted. 

Prayer to the Eternal Father

I believe, Heavenly Father, 
all that Faith teaches, 
and in that faith I wish to live and die; 
through the intercession of St. Pancratius 
grant us good health to fulfill our duties.

Our Father...
Hail Mary...
Glory be...

Prayer to God the Son

O good Jesus, 
grant me the virtue of Hope in your promises 
in the same measure that St. Pancratius 
always trusted in your Providence,
so that I may, through his intercession, 
obtain work and success in all my undertakings.

Our Father...
Hail Mary...
Glory be...

Prayer to the Holy Spirit

Grant me the virtue of Charity 
that I may love God above all things 
and my neighbor for the love of God, 
as St. Pancratius did. 
Through his intercession 
I hope to obtain this grace 
and that of being free from adversities 
and from ill-intentioned persons.

Our Father...
Hail Mary...
Glory be...

Concluding Prayer: 

O glorious St. Pancratius, 
I beg thee to obtain for me
all the graces that I need, 
but especially health and work, 
so that I may appear before thee 
to thank God for the favors 
I received through your powerful intercession.


Second Day

It is the law of God to love our neighbor, 
but only in as much as this love does not hinder us from loving God. 
St. Pancratius gave us the examples, 
thus leading many souls in the right path to heaven. 
Let us ask him from the depth of our hearts 
to give us the grace to love our neighbors 
as ourselves in order to love God better; 
in this way we shall obtain many graces 
from the glorious St. Pancratius. 

(Prayer to the Blessed Trinity as on First Day)

Third Day

St. Pancratius possessed such a kind heart 
that he always sympathized with the poor and the unfortunate; 
for this reason he obtained so many graces from heaven. 
You too, should imitate this virtue and thereby obtain, 
through his intercession, 
many favors from God.

(Prayer to the Blessed Trinity as on First Day)

Fourth Day

The glorious St. Pancratius not only tried to be good himself 
but also strived to lead other souls to heaven, 
and for this reason God bestowed on him 
such a great power in behalf of those devoted to him. 
You too, should try to spread this devotion 
and to lead others to heaven. 
In this way you will gain many graces, 
especially those that you like to receive in this novena.

(Prayer to the Blessed Trinity as on First Day)

Fifth Day

There are many persons in the world who due to human respect, 
fail to serve God wholeheartedly. 
Be not one of them, 
but rather imitate St. Pancratius 
in defending always the truth and the good, 
for the sake of God. 
In this way, 
you will obtain all that you need 
through the intercession of St. Pancratius 
who is always ready to hear your prayer.

(Prayer to the Blessed Trinity as on First Day)

Sixth Day

One of the hardest things for the heart 
is to forgive those who have injured us. 
Ask St. Pancratius to obtain for you this grace 
when someone has offended you, 
since he forgave even those who martyred him. 
Be sure you will then be more at peace 
and will obtain for yourself and for your family 
graces that grow more than you can hope for.

(Prayer to the Blessed Trinity as on First Day)

Seventh Day

In this world, 
great patience is needed for everything, 
for more obstacles always come in our way than we expect. 
Imitate St. Pancratius who always conforms his will 
to the Holy Will of God, 
and thus succeeded in living happily 
and becoming a great saint amidst difficulties. 
Ask him fervently to help you, 
and he will grant you this grace and many others.

(Prayer to the Blessed Trinity as on First Day)

Eighth Day

Just as you treasure the picture of your parents 
and other dear persons, 
so also should you treasure the image of St. Pancratius,
assured that from heaven above he sees you 
as you kneel before his altar. 
The greater the fervor with which you do it 
the more he will intercede for you before God 
that he may grant you the graces you want 
to obtain in this novena, 
for you as well as for your family.

(Prayer to the Blessed Trinity as on First Day)

Ninth Day

Now that you are ending this novena, 
you are encouraged 
and you feel a greater desire to love St. Pancratius 
and by it to make yourself worthy of attaining heaven 
where you will keep his company. 
Be sure that he waits for you there, 
and you will fulfill your duties faithfully, 
leading the life of a good Christian; 
and thus obtain his protection for yourself and for your family.

(Prayer to the Blessed Trinity as on First Day)

Source: Dennis-Emmanuel Cabrera; February 17, 2005

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