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Most Holy Spirit of God,
Third Person of the Blessed Trinity,
there was a day (or there will be) when,
by Your infinite mercy,
the Most Reverend Bishop called me by name,
and said, "I sign you with the sign of the cross,
and I confirm you with the chrism of salvation;
in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen."
That was the day on which I was confirmed.
On that blessed day the Spirit of wisdom and understanding,
of counsel and fortitude,
of knowledge and piety,
and of wholesome,
childlike fear of You,
was called down upon me.
On that blessed day,
when the holy oil was traced in the form of a cross upon my brow,
my soul was sealed with the seal of Your Spirit,
and was marked with an indelible mark.
I was made, body and soul,
a temple of Your Holy Spirit.
Dear God, let me today once more thank you
for the wonderful grace of confirmation.
Let me never do anything that would violate or desecrate the temple
that has been dedicated and consecrated to You.
Let me never be ashamed of my badge of Christian soldiership.
Let me serve You faithfully and bravely,
no matter how long the fight,
nor how intense or dangerous the battle may be.
Help me to realize that as long as I fight bravely,
and stay close to Christ,
I can be absolutely certain of final victory,
and so find my most perfect happiness
in the complete possession of God forever in heaven.


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