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God, my heavenly Father, I adore You, 
and I count myself as nothing before Your Divine Majesty. 
You alone are Being, Life, Truth, and Goodness. 
Helpless and unworthy as i am, I honor You, 
I praise You, I thank You, 
and I love You in union with Jesus Christ, Your Son, 
our Savior and our Brother, 
in the merciful kindness of His Heart and through His infinite merits.

I desire to serve You, to please You, to obey You, 
and to love You always in union with Mary Immaculate, 
Mother of God and our Mother. 
I also desire to love and serve my neighbor for the love of You.

Heavenly Father, thank You for making me Your child in Baptism. 
With childlike confidence I ask You for this special favor: 

[State your intention(s) here...]

I ask that Your Will may be done. 
Give me what You know to be best for my soul, 
and for the souls of those for whom I pray.

Give me Your Holy Spirit to enlighten me, to correct me, 
and to guide me in the way of Your commandments and holiness, 
while I strive for the happiness of heaven 
where I hope to glorify You forever.


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