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(From the Melkite Liturgy.)

Troparion of the Vigil

Today Anne brings us glad tidings,
bearing in her arms the precious fruit that dispels all sorrow,
the one being ever-precious fruit that dispels all sorrow,
the one being ever-virginal.
In fulfillment of her vow,
she joyfully presents on this day in the Lord's temple
the true tabernacle of the Word of God,
His immaculate Mother.


Today is the prelude to God's munificence
and the announcement of the salvation of men:
in the temple of God the Virgin is visible to all foretelling the coming of Christ.
Wherefore let us cry out to her with all our strength:
Hail, fulfillment of the Creator's plan.


The most pure temple of the Saviour,
the most precious bridal chamber, the Virgin,
the sacred treasury of God's glory,
enters today into the house of the Lord,
bringing with her the grace of the divine Spirit.
Wherefore the angels of God sing to her:
Behold the heavenly Tabernacle.


The angels were stunned as they beheld the most pure one coming in,
and they said: O Wonder. The Virgin enters into the Holy of Holies.
O Mother of God, you are the precious Ark of God:
no profane hand may touch you.
But the lips of the faithful will never cease to sing your praise,
repeating with joy the angel's word:
O pure Virgin, you are indeed raised above all creatures.


I will take the chalice of salvation
and call upon the name of the Lord. Alleluia.

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