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O Holy Souls, 
as one truly devoted to you 
I promise never to forget you, 
and continually to pray 
to the Most High for your release.  
I beseech you 
to respond to this offering 
which I make to you, 
and obtain for me from God, 
with Whom you are so powerful 
on behalf of the living, 
that I may be freed 
from all dangers of soul and body.

I beg both for myself 
and for my relations and benefactors, 
friends and enemies, 
pardon for our sins, 
and the grace of perseverance in good, 
whereby we may save our souls.  
Obtain for us peace of heart; 
assist us in all our actions; 
succor us promptly 
in all our spiritual and temporal needs; 
console and defend us in our dangers.

Pray for the Supreme Pontifff, 
for the exaltation of Holy Church, 
for peace between nations, 
for Christian rulers, 
and for tranquility among peoples; 
and grant that we may one day 
all rejoice together in paradise.


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