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The Catholic Doors Ministry

An outline of
The Letter of Paul to the Romans

 1:1-1:7     Salutation
 1:8-1:15    Prayer of Thanksgiving
 1:16-1:17   The Power of the Gospel
 1:18-1:32   The Guilt of Humankind

 2:1-2:16    The Righteous Judgment of God
 2:17-2:29   The Jews and the Law

 3:1-3:8     The Jews and the Law
 3:9-3:20    None Is Righteous
 3:21-3:31   Righteousness through Faith

 4:1-4:12    The Example of Abraham
 4:13-4:25   God's Promise Realized through Faith

 5:1-5:11    Results of Justification
 5:12-5:21   Adam and Christ

 6:1-6:14    Dying and Rising with Christ
 6:15-6:23   Slaves of Righteousness

 7:1-7:6     An analogy from Marriage
 7:7-7:13    The Law and Sin
 7:14-7:25   The Inner Conflict

 8:1-8:17    Life in the Spirit
 8:18-8:30   Future Glory
 8:31-8:39   God's Love in Christ Jesus

 9:1-9:18    God's Election of Israel
 9:19-9:29   God's Wrath and Mercy
 9:30-9:33   Israel's Unbelief

10:1-10:4    Israel's Unbelief
10:5-10:21   Salvation Is for All

11:1-11:10   Israel's Rejection Is Not Final
11:11-11:24  The Salvation of the Gentiles
11:25-11:36  All Israel Will Be Saved

12:1-12:8    The New Life in Christ
12:9-12:21   Marks of the True Christian

13:1-13:7    Being Subject to Authorities
13:8-13:10   Love for One Another
13:11-13:14  An Urgent Appeal

14:1-14:12   Do Not Judge Another
14:13-14:23  Do Not Make Another Stumble

15:1-15:6    Please Others, Not Yourselves
15:7-15:13   The Gospel for Jews and Gentiles Alike
15:14-15:21  Paul's Reason for Writing So Boldly
15:22-15:33  Paul's Plan to Visit Rome

16:1-16:16   Personal Greetings
16:17-16:24  Final Instructions
16:25-16:27  Final Doxology

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