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The Catholic Doors Ministry

An outline of
The Letter of James

 1:1         Salutation
 1:2-1:8     Faith and Wisdom
 1:9-1:11    Poverty and Riches
 1:12-1:18   Trial and Temptation
 1:19-1:27   Hearing and Doing the Word

 2:1-2:13    Warning against Partiality
 2:14-2:26   Faith without Works is Dead

 3:1-3:12    Taming the Tongue
 3:13-3:18   Two Kinds of Wisdom

 4:1-4:10    Friendship with the World
 4:11-4:12   Warning against Judging Another
 4:13-4:17   Boasting about Tomorrow

 5:1-5:6     Warning to Rich Oppressorss
 5:7-5:12    Patience in Suffering
 5:13-5:20   The Prayer of Faith

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