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The Catholic Doors Ministry

An outline of
The Letter of Paul
to the Hebrews

 1:1-1:4     God Has Spoken by his Son
 1:5-1:14    The Son is Superior to Angels

 2:1-2:4     Warning to Pay Attention
 2:5-2:18    Exaltation through Abasement

 3:1-3:6     Moses a Servant, Christ a Son
 3:7-3:19    Warning against Unbelief

 4:1-4:13    The Rest That God Promised
 4:14-5:10   Jesus the Great High Priest

 5:11-5:14   Warning against Falling Away

 6:1-6:12    The Peril of Falling Away
 6:13-6:20   The Certainty of God's Promise

 7:1-7:10    The Priestly Order of Melchizedek
 7:11-7:28   Another Priest, Like Melchizedek

 8:1-8:13    Mediator of a Better Covenant

 9:1-9:22    The Earthly and the Heavenly Sanctuaries
 9:23-9:28   Christ's Sacrifice Takes Away Sin

10:1-10:18   Christ's Sacrifice Once for All
10:19-10:39  A Call to Persevere

11:1-11:3    The Meaning of Faith
11:4-11:7    The Examples of Abel, Enoch, and Noah
11:8-11:22   The Faith of Abraham
11:23-11:28  The Fatih of Moses
11:29-11:40  The Faith of Other Israelite Heroes

12:1-12:13   The Example of Jesus
12:14-12:29  Warnings against Rejecting

13:1-13:19   Service Well-Pleasing to God
13:20-13:21  Benediction
13:22-13:25  Final Exhortation and Greetings

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