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The Catholic Doors Ministry

An outline of
The First Letter of Paul
to Timothy

 1:1-1:2     Salutation
 1:1-1:11    Warning against False Teachers
 1:12-1:20   Gratitude for Mercy

 2:1-2:15    Instructions concerning Prayer

 3:1-3:7     Qualifications of Bishops
 3:8-3:11    Qualifications of Deacons
 3:14-3:16   The Mystery of Our Religion

 4:1-4:5     False Asceticism
 4:6-4:16    A Good Minister of Jesus Christ

 5:1-6:2     Duties toward Believers

 6:3-6:10    False Teaching and True Riches
 6:11-6:19   The Good Fight of Faith
 6:20-6:21   Personal Instructions and Benediction

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