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Your offering, no matter how small, will make a large difference in the lives of the priests who do not enjoy a regular income.

The Diocese of Kannur, a mission Diocese that was created in 1998, is populated by people that are very poor. The minority within the community requires the support of the mission for its basic necessities of life such as proper housing facilities, their medical needs, education and other incidental expenses.

Quite often, the poorest of the poor turn to the missionaries for financial assistance. They believe that the priests receive donations from time to time and hope that in the goodness of their hearts, they will share the little wealth that they may have. Little do they realize that some of these poor priests, with a smile, may be giving them the last coin in their possession.

While in this world, you will never know how the Catholic priests in India have benefitted from your donation of Mass Stipends. Nor will you know how many have suffered hardship because of your lack of support. In time, all shall be revealed to you!

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