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(La Fille du Oui)

KNOWN AS: "Fille du Oui (The Girl of My Will of Jesus)"; "Amour pour tous les miens, Jésus (Love for all my children, Jesus)".

ALLEGED SEER: Francine Bérieault.

LOCATION: Montréal, Québec, Canada.

YEARS: January 1, 2001 to the present.

SUPPORTERS: Volume I, Preface 1: Réginald Tardif, C.ss.R.;
Volume I, Preface 2: Clément Provencher, priest;
Volume II, Preface: Brother Léo Martel, s.c., priest;
Volume III, Preface: André Chevalier, D.Ph. priest;
Nicole Sicotte, Companion and Translator;
Carmen Humphrey (Western Canada), alleged healer in Saskatoon, SK.

PUBLISHER: Éditions Saint-Raphaël, Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada.

STATUS: As of November, 2004, the holy Catholic Church has not officially recognized, nor supported the alleged supernatural manifestations of Francis Bérieault, La Fille du Oui. Such approval must come from the local Bishop of the Diocese where the alleged manifestations are taking place.



In the PROLOGUE of Volume I, under, "A Loving Soul Gives Itself Out of Love for the Love," it states:

Yes, my children, I heard the heartbreaking cry of my holy daughter who cried at the top of her lungs : "Father, I beg you, send your Son, our Jesus, on earth. We want his coming now, we are in too much pain, we can't go on like this. I love you Father, hear your little girl who cries out to you."

It is alleged that Jesus replied, "My children, I could not resist this cry of distress. She carried all of you within her, my children. That cry, she uttered it in the Divine Will. I cried out to my Father: 'Father, look at these children, they are begging me to go to them.' My coming is due soon. My Father said yes to the Love. No one can utter his yes without a reaction from the Love."

The question here is, "What coming is La Fille du Oui referring to?"

On the subject of the Coming of Christ, the Only, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church teaches that the "God's Kingdom is both present/already established and coming." In other words, through the dwelling of Jesus in the Eucharist in the Sacred Tabernacles of the Church, through the institution of the Holy Catholic Church by Jesus and through the Sacrament of Baptism that admits the believers into the Catholic faith, the Kingdom of God is here at present. At the same time, its fullness has not been achieved. For those who persevere in the faith, its fullness shall be achieved in one of the following ways, either (1) at death or (2) at the end of this world, whichever comes first. There is no exception to this rule!

The Catholic Church does not support any Protestant beliefs in the form of millenarianism, millennium, millennium, postmillenniaslism, premillennialism and amillennialism, these words being associated with a non-Catholic belief that Christ will return (Second Coming) to physically reign on earth for a period of 1,000 years.

In fact, those who promote and/or support an earthly reign of Christ contrary to the teachings of the Catholic Church are called antichrists. They deceive the faithful.

"The Antichrist's deception already begins to take shape in the world every time the claim is made to realize within history that messianic hope which can only be realized beyond history through the eschatological judgement. The Church has rejected even modified forms of this falsification of the kingdom to come under the name of millenarianism, especially the "intrinsically perverse" political form of a secular messianism." (Catechism of the Catholic Church, # 676)

Can it be said that "La Fille du Oui" is deceiving the people? Let us continue to review her writings.

On March 16, 2001 (# 34), it is alleged that Jesus said,

"You are the ones I have chosen to receive my glory which will spread over the earth. Everything will be done as I will have wanted. The Will of my Father is also my Will. I am the supreme Being who is God: my Father, the Son of God and the Holy Spirit. All must be accomplished. Do not doubt it, even if for some of you this seems impossible."

"It is so pure and so true! My holy Word is truth, everything is written in my holy Bible. Read these passages from Matthew that relate the events with such precision. *15 There are so many blind people in your world! This world is decayed by its knowledge which poisons your brains, not your hearts. Leave your hearts open and you will see my glory arrive at the moment only I know. Do not doubt it. I am in the Father, we are one."

According to La Fille du Oui, the above alleged message from Heaven is supported by the Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 24. She provides reference notation * 15 that affirms this. Chapter 24 of the Gospel of Matthew is a reference to events that happened during the days of Jesus. The Holy Catholic Church teaches that by year A.D. 70, the foretold destruction of the Temple had taken place, such ending the prophecies foretold in Matthew, Chapter 24. In fact, Jesus affirmed this when He said, Truly I tell you, this generation will not pass away until all these things have taken place. Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away."

There are two interesting points here:

(1) If we believe for one moment that Jesus really told "La Fille du Oui" that He will return to fulfill Matthew 24, then we have no choice bu to conclude that Jesus lied when He said everything would pass away in His generation. But Jesus does not lie! Therefore, who is lying? Obviously it is "La Fille du Oui."

(2) Secondly, some will claim that the Heaven and the earth have not passed away as foretold by Jesus, this meaning the prophecy relates to our days. This is the argument of many of our separated brothers and sisters.

When reference is made to a new Heaven, it has to be realized that prior to the coming of Jesus on earth, Satan was travelling back and forth from earth to Heaven (see Book of Job 1:6). The battle was going on between Lucifer and St. Michael. The Kingdom of God had not been established as of yet. The good people who died before Jesus came, did not go to Heaven. They went to Limbo. Once Jesus resurrected, His glorious Kingdom was established in Heaven. Those in Limbo followed, Jesus being the first of many fruit to follow. Indeed God had made a new Heaven as Jesus foretold, this happening in His generation.

When reference is made to a new earth, it has to be realized that all the prophecies of the Old Testament regarding God making His dwelling among His people had not been fulfilled until Jesus had come on earth. And, while Jesus Resurrected, He remained and continues to be among us in the Holy Eucharist in the Sacred Tabernacles in all the Churches throughout the world. The Church of Christ was instituted. The Sacrament of Baptism was instituted to admit the believers into the Mystical Body of Christ. All of this, the Real Presence of Jesus on earth in the Eucharist, the establishment of the Holy Catholic Church and the Mystical Body of Christ resulted in the creation of a new earth as Jesus foretold, this happening in His generation. While we cannot see what is spiritual, our faith tells us that it is here. The Catholic Church teaches us that "God's Kingdom is both present/already established and coming."

Therefore, every Sacred Word of Jesus was fulfilled as He prophesied.

Based on this alone, it can be concluded that "La Fille du Oui" is promoting the antichrist deception that the Catholic Church strongly condemns. When a person decides for himself what he should believe and practise instead of accepting the truth taught by Christ, and His moral teachings; e.g., Arianism, denying the divinity of Christ; the various sects of Protestantism denying almost every Christian doctrine, that person is promoting a heresy.

A heretic is defined as one who having professed the faith of Christ corrupts its dogmas. He may be a material heretic, adhering to heresy innocently or from involuntary causes, or a formal heretic, knowingly and freely adhering to heresy, one who holds opinions at variance with recognized teachings in philosophy, science, or art; since the term is somewhat odious, it is more proper applied to the originators of heresy than to their descendants and remote followers.


On July 29, 2001, (found in # 192 of Volume II), La Fille du Oui alleged the following: "Your Jesus is asking you, my beloved, to write what I dictate to you for my New Church. I will renew my Church with souls filled with my love. I will offer to my Heavenly Father all the children of love who will live in me."

"Each one of you is a member of my Church. You will all be on my New Earth. Heaven will rejoice over these gifts of love which I will offer to God. The Trinity will have accomplished its works in all things. Every human will know that all is in us, solely for us, the Trinity. All has been done. All will be accomplished. No doubt will remain."

As previously presented, the new Church and the new earth have already arrived on earth during the generation of Jesus. As such, we have no choice but to reject this alleged message as not being of God. If we decide to accept it as being of God, then we make a liar out of Jesus!

Jesus: I Will Lead You to This Place of Delights and Love... "The earth will receive very special blessings of charity. The harvests will be abundant, the rivers will be swollen with fish, the waterways will nourish the plants, the trees will receive streams of rain. In the morning, nature will awaken to songs of joy and, from heaven, will descend an abundance of dew."

"My children, this is my renewed Promised Land which is coming. It is in me. You, my children of the earth, you will see these things. You cannot imagine all the good that is coming soon. You are my children of light who will light up my holy earth, the earth my holy Heavenly Father has created for his glory. etc..."

The above is nothing else but the result of a creative mind that writes down her personal reflections that oppose the teachings of the Holy Catholic Church. There is nothing supernatural involved in these alleged private locutions/messages.


On the matter of # 3 of Spring, 2000, La Fille du Oui made the following statement, Jesus said, "I tell you this: ‘He who believes in me has life everlasting.' I love you, my daughter. Amen."

This alleged message promotes that salvation comes from faith alone, such being a Lutheran belief. It is not a Catholic belief! There is no reference to the Sacrament of Baptism that admits the child of God into the Church, nor reference to the Sacrament of Confession that cleans the soul, nor reference to the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist that feeds the soul. It promotes a life without the Sacraments.


On January 14, 2001, in alleged message # 5, La Fille du Oui makes reference to a Luisa Piccarreta. She states, "Father, we can no longer live without the Love. Thy Kingdom come, thy Will be done." The lifetime writings of Luisa Piccarreta promoted heresies. Regarding this, please read the document at http://www.catholicdoors.com/isit/isit04.htm where the errors of Luisa Piccarreta are exposed.

When reviewing the writings of La Fille du Oui and comparing them to Luisa Piccarreta and Fr. Stephano Gobbi, it becomes obvious that Francine read their books and simply repeated in her own words the words (the errors/hereries) that were written by others.

Fr. Gobbi frequently made reference to a New Church, a New Earth and a New Heaven, even indicating that its fulfillment would begin in 1998. Nothing happened. Many were deceived.

Francine frequently repeats the words of Luisa that consisted of: "Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as in Heaven."

This form of writing, alleged messages, is called the "copy cat syndrome." You read something and then you imitate it. What motivates a person to copy the work of another person is usually the sin of jealousy, manipulation and pride. Jealousy because of success while using religion. Manipulation to achieve the same goal. Pride because of the desire for fame, recognition, wanting to be surrounded by those of feeble minds (even in the clergy) who allow themselves to be deceived so easily by others.


On January 21, 2001, it is alleged that Jesus said, "I love you. I so love my children who are within you."

In reference to this first line, while Christians can be in Jesus, they cannot be in a person. Above, it is alleged that those who believe La Fille du Oui are in her "within you." This is not Catholic.

It is alleged that Jesus continued, "Thank you, my daughter, for leading them towards my Promised Land. I am in you; you are in me, Jesus of Love. Amen. Do not be afraid of these words, I am the Power. I am you; you are me within me, Jesus, King of kings. All things are within me. Amen.

On February 11, 2001, it is alleged that the Virgin Mary (called Mother Mary) said, I love you my little children. I kiss you tenderly. I am your Heavenly Mother. I am always by your side. Mother Mary blesses you in the name of the Father, your Father, the Son, your Brother, and the Holy Spirit, your Strength. Amen.

"My children, I love you, I love you, I love you! Make a sign of the cross, my daughter: Father, he is your Love; Son, you are in his Heart; Holy Spirit, he envelops you with his strength. Amen."

And on February 18, 2001, Jesus is alleged to have said, "I bless you: Father, Son, Holy Spirit. Amen."

In two instances above it appears that neither Jesus nor Mary knows the Catholic words to administer a blessing to Catholics. The words "In the Name" were left out. And Jesus cannot bless in the Name of the Son because He is the Son.


On January 24, 2001, in part 2, paragraph 2, La Fille du Oui claimed to be in a state of ecstasy. On March 7, 2001 (# 23), we find a perfect description of her states of ecstasy where it is written:

"The Girl of my Will (in the Divine Will): I am reciting the Sorrowful Mysteries. My eyes are closed, I hear a voice inside that asks me to obey and observe. With my eyes closed, I observe. I see nothing. Suddenly, the darkness lightens to a pale brown that moves before my closed eyes. Objects begin to materialize...."

The aforementioned state of mind is not an ecstasy as defined by the Holy Catholic Church. In fact, her experience is no different than what all human beings experience when they close their eyes and apply good creative visualization.


On February 3, 2001 (# 11), La Fille du Oui writes, "I wake up, it is 6:25 am. I close my eyes. Everything is present within me. I see Maurice, my husband. I follow him, he takes a different route than mine and leaves without me. "Maurice, wait for me." He comes back. I feel safe when he is close to me."

On March 7, 2001 (# 23) a month later, she wrote, "The voice says to me: 'Come forward, my daughter.' I abandon myself and I see Jesus looking at us all with compassion. Without a word, he throws a look that is so gentle, so resigned, onto the people who are shouting at him: to death. I cry over him, over us. It is so painful that I beg Maurice, my deceased husband whom I hear, to come for me. Then, I hear him recite the Our Father. I return from my vision. With strength, I recite the decade of the rosary."

In these cases, as in many more, La Fille du Oui did not call upon God the Father, nor the "strength" of the Holy Spirit, nor the Virgin Mary, but her deceased husband. Does this not appear to be personal reflections of a person who is undergoing bereavement? Having recently lost her beloved husband, Volume I has numerous references to Maurice, the deceased husband of La Fille du Oui being near her during her human experiences, be they dreams, when having her eyes closed, etc...

On March 9, 2001, (#24), la Fille du Oui wrote, "I was in a state of uncertainty regarding the test of love I was undergoing: the death of my husband and his abandon through his yes to the Love, my own continuous abandonment, and the loss of my senses so that I could perceive the voice inside me.

All this was beginning to prove to me that I was in the constant presence of Jesus's Action. But I suffered from the absence of Maurice. I asked myself the following questions: Is my abandon total? Is it really Jesus's voice or my imagination? All that I have experienced recently, is it God's Will?"

La Fille du Oui does not realize how close she came to the truth during those reflections. Indeed, it was her own imagination and nothing else!


On February 8, 2001 (# 12), La Fille du Oui claimed that Jesus said, "My children, be as I made you: beings who are becoming divine through my Presence in you."

If we are becoming divine, then we are becoming equal to God!!! This is a Jehovah Witness belief. We are God's creation, God's children. While by the grace of the Heavenly Father and the power of the Holy Spirit in the Most Holy Name of Jesus, we can become holy, we cannot become divine. Even the Blessed Virgin Mary cannot be referred to as being Divine. Divinity is reserved to God alone!

THREATS AND THE FREE WILL: On March 1, 2001 (# 20), it is alleged that Jesus said, "All that comes from me is but pure truth. The Father's Will is mine. I am omnipotent. True is my power. Any man who is not with me is against the Will of the heavenly Father. Beware he who criticizes my laws of love. I am the love of the Father, I am his adored Son."

"My daughter, I love you. Write, my beloved. All that comes from me can only help you grow in my love. Take care to put my lessons of love into practice; this will have an impact on your lives, my darling children. It is so simple, nothing is complicated. Everything is in my Gospel. Read it. I am the one who is, who was and who is coming. Many are not satisfied by what I have given them through these writings. They invent their own writings to flatter their perversity, going as far as denying my words.

La Fille du Oui's usage of threats against those who discern her alleged messages, locutions, visions, etc... is nothing new. The above example is only one of others that are found in her writings. This aggressive behaviour uses God to place fear in those who question her. In one case, reference is made to the alleged fact that the words of La Fille du Oui are God's Words and he who attacks her words, is attacking the Holy Spirit. This implies the sin of blasphamy for which there is no forgiveness. This brain washing process places people at the mercy of La Fille du Oui, not daring to question her in anything. To do so would be to question God. Would it?

Man has a free will. God does not force Himself upon anyone. All are free to welcome or reject His grace. And when doing so, our God of Love does not use threats. He loves us even more, us pitiful souls, in the hope that we will experience a conversation of heart if the need be so.


(1) The God of La Fille du Oui is not the God of the Holy Catholic Church.

(2) La Fille du Oui has not and is not experiencing any heavenly supernatural manifestations as defined by the Holy Catholic Church.

(3) Many of the teachings of La Fille du Oui, Protestant in nature, oppose the teachings of the Holy Catholic Church.

(4) The Catholic Doors Ministry, loyal to the Magisterium of the Holy Catholic Church, condemns La Fille du Oui, the promoting of her work as being Catholic, the selling of her books and other audio material. Such actions corrupts and endangers the faith of the Catholics. As Catholics, when receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation, we were sent forth to preach and defend the faith. We were not sent forth to promote every whim that Satan blows our way.

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