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KNOWN AS:"Leah"; "the miracle worker."

SEER: Sandra Leah Cummings.

LOCATION:Glens Falls, New York.

YEARS: 1982 - Present

STATUS: At this time, nothing could be found on the Internet to determine the official position of the Catholic Church regarding the alleged claims of Sandra Leah Cummings. Although, the website that promotes her work states, "Member of the Albany Diocese; Special Ministry of Holy Communion.">

ALLEGED CLAIMS: Claims found on the webiste that promotes this seer alleges:

1) During a pilgrimage to Fatima in 1982 (or 1983?), the Blessed Mother "materialized" in her hotel room and gave her healing energy that "burns" in her hands until she touches others."

2) That God's power is not denominational because we are all part of the oneness and must help each other.

3) That to become a heavenly healer, she was changed from a layhealer to a divine-healer by Our Lady of Fatima. She claims to have "divine power."

4) That "she is the only living person known to have had a visitation and continued contact, one on one, with Our Lady."

5) That she experienced the act of death and going to heaven where she sat on the Almighty's knee.

REVIEW Having reviewed the entire content of the Website that promotes the healings of of Sandra Leah Cummings of Glen Falls, who is known as "Leah," the following is concluded:

1) It is claimed that "she" (Leah) performs the healing through the holy power that "she" received from God. Other claims are made that the healing power is of Our Lady of Fatima. Either way, it is not God who is healing through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, but rather it is herself (Leah) who has the power. It is very difficult to reconcile with the teachings of the Catholic Church such a belief that shines in pride.

2) It is claimed that the healing takes "more than one session." In consideration that Leah is supposed to have this divine power that was given to her, it is difficult to accept that the Divine power of God is weak in nature, requiring more than one session in order to heal the sick. From this alone, it can only be concluded that if there are supernatural manifestations at work, these CANNOT be of God.

3) Leah is quoted as saying, "I have always said that I can back up MY actions, and enjoy proving My skeptics wrong. Most college students are shocked when they see ME perform a healing." From these words, it is easily seen that Leah claims that the divine power is hers and that she can prove her skeptics wrong. In view of the teachings of the Catholic Church, including situations where some people were healed through the holy Saints, no one but God Himself can provide assurance of a miraculous healing, such being manifested in accordance with His Divine Will. Leah's words appear to set God aside, she having the power, and she being able to do with it as she pleases so she can prove her skeptics wrong. The glory that radiates from these words is not a glory towards God, but a glory towards Leah. Such is not Catholic!

4) Here, as in other claims of supernatural manifestations (such as the Bayside Movement that has been condemned by the Church), there are claims of photos that contain strange "lights" and/or "images" in the light. While these may have a scientific explanation that has yet to be explained, if not, then such results can only be concluded to be the work of Satan and/or his followers, the fallen angels. For the grace of God, Divine and pure in nature, would not permit supernatural manifestations in support of someone who claims to have the divine power of healing.

5) Like many false claims of apparitions and locutions, Leah has commercialized her service by the selling of a "Healing Cassette: Reflections of the Golden Ball"; a personalized Healing Video with your name included; a Healing Video - "Feel the Energy and Love of Jesus"; a "Love Box - Satin - A Gift For A Loved One"; etc... In consideration of the fact that she has to gain from the commericalizing of her alleged messages, either through fame or wealth, it is difficult to believe that there is any amount of authenticity to the alleged messages.

6) The website that promotes Leah's work, informs the public that Leah also offers spiritual hypnosis for all chronic phobias, will heal animals and do a Guardian Angel Reading from Heaven.

As a general rule, God's manifestations, Divine in nature, do not mix with worldly ways, especially the usage of hypnosis, to obtain a Divine result. Through hypnosis, also known as "mind control," a client can be led to believe anything that the therapist will implant in his mind.

Also, as a general rule, God's miraculous manifestations of healings are directed towards people, not animals. This is not a denial that God can or does heal animals, but rather, the healing of animals gives the appearance of being just another way of drawing attention to oneself, not towards God.

The alleged capability to do "Guardian Angel Readings from Heaven" echoes "psychic readings" and "mediums," such being part of the occult. Such a claim opposes the purity of genuine heavenly messages that excludes a seer's claim to be a mediator between this world and the spiritual world."

7) As shown above, the claims regarding Leah and HER healing power are riddled with Catholic terminology inter-mixed with parapsychological terms. Authentic heavenly messages from the Blessed Virgin Mary do not consists of terms such as found on the website that promotes Leah's healing power. Such terms are:

A) The Blessed Virgin Mary "materialized."

B) "Leah's hands radiate a magnetic white, silver, or pink healing force..."

C) "Feel the Energy of Jesus."

D) "Spiritual Hypnosis."

E) "Guardian Angel Readings."

THE END RESULT OF BELIEVED: Based on the above aforementioned, in accordance with Catholic teachings, it is concluded that Sandra Leah Cummings is not receiving any heavenly messages, nor possesses any divine power.

Anyone seeking out Sandra Leah Cummings for a healing of a miraculous nature would be endangering their precious Catholic faith. And they would be walking towards a deception that falls short of anything appearing close to a genuine Catholic manifestation of apparitions and private messages from Heaven.

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